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31 août 2008

New banner...

Though I DON'T KNOW what to write on it o_o;;;;The "Princess' Room" doesn't suit this... XD;;;Doesn't he look like Uruha on the left one ? XDD Edit : The hiraganas are read "Doko ni iru no ?" which obviously means "Where did you go ?" and I took it from funerary dream =o.... Now my blog is white ._. it's SO unusual, but I think I like it this way, for the moment...And and REALLY like his face on the left pic XDD
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24 août 2008

Future Haircut.

While thinking about the pros and cons of dying back my hair in black, I had one of those great ideas *_* So I opened Paint and sketched this :....Back..............Right Side..................Front.....................Left Side So I would keep my actual lenght for the black part, I would get back my pointy fringe, I took back my Cruella DeVille idea and turn it into blue and violet while also thinking about something VKish aaand... yeah... The most difficult thing, with this, is to make it understand by my aunt... And convince... [Lire la suite]
18 août 2008

Putain, j'veux un truc de Suppurate System o_o !

Ouin... Title says all...Faisons donc une liste des pours et une seconde pour les contres : Pour : C'est beau. En tant que Princess of Decadence, faudrait, idéalement, que j'aie une p'tite couronne de là-bas *_* C'est pas SI chère que ça o_o... ou en tout cas, moins que ce que je pensais que c'était pour être... Tout reste en bas de 20 000 yens 8D (enfin, à moins que j'aie pas bien regardé...) Kaya a comme plusieurs articles de là, sinon ben Mana et Közi en ont déjà eut et pis Kiwamu et GPK aussi <3 C'est vraiment... [Lire la suite]
09 août 2008


After August 16th's Cosplay Day, I'm gonna change my hairstyle.The actual one is BO-RING.I want two colors.I was thinking about Cruella DeVille's coloration.Or something like Cyndi Lauper is wearing in I drove all night's  clipI've found this too : Though, it wouldn't be those two colors... Would Red and Pink be nice ?It wouldn't last long... I'd like my Purple to be back too u_u;;;I'd like Purple and Black......... But... I'm afraid I'll look a bit too emo... Though, Black on top and Purple on bottom could look... [Lire la suite]
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03 août 2008

D's New Look

O-M-G !Seriously o_o <3Faaaaanh <3333
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26 juillet 2008

フフフフフ~ ^w^

Wondering what's special with that picture, right ? :"ちなみに今日のお洋服は夏ツアーの限定グッズGLITTERポロシャツ☆"=>" Incidentally, today's clothing is limited to the summer tour polo shirts Collectibles GLITTER ☆"フフフフ~ ^w^ !! And I found this, a few minutes before I went on Kaya's blog : And I'm really wondering where it's coming from è_é...........Edit : Question answered : Bonus :
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25 juillet 2008

Non, Die !

Pourquoi ? DDDD8Samurai maigre DDDD8Ouain, Kaoru à lunettes aussi... though, j'aime mille fois mieux ça que la coupe samurai sur Die =.=
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