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02 septembre 2008

I've a huge question for you guys....

*copies and pastes from MySpace*

Do I remove my piercings or not ?
Specially my eyebrow one....
I feel like removing it, but at the same thing I'm thinking about the fact that I may want it back.... That it worth almost 50$... That I made it because of Amy Lee (even if she doen't have it anymore =_=;;)
But... I don't know I'm not in love with piercings as I was.... And it's disturbing when the time comes to shave your eyebrow and get a SiSeN-ish make-up... Or just a simple Kaya make-up, it's.... yew... ._. ......
I think I'll just remove it and feel naked for a day or two, that's it...

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    Well I don't have a piercing but I can't copy Hora's make up because I have eyebrows and he doesn't.
    or didn't, aldkjsa on those SS times.


    follow your heart (?

    Posté par Mai, 03 septembre 2008 à 01:49
  • I'm sure I'll end up removing it anyway XD
    Will feel regret about it for... one week or so and then pass to another thing, I guess XD

    Posté par Trucydae, 03 septembre 2008 à 08:17

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