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31 janvier 2008

Wanna buy something ? 12012VidollruviePhantasmagoria (Rikette, that one's for you XD y reste Mikansei to Guilt et Variant Jihad =o)AnCafeTokyo MichaelUnsraWBergeracCELLTMELLODennou RomeoKayaHIZAKI grace projectVersaillesRENTRER EN SOIAnd more... oO...
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31 janvier 2008

Et ben o_o

Y'a toujours qu'une seule bid pour Jui XDDD Cé moé XDDD
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31 janvier 2008

[OMG elle en a mis partout o_o.......]

"Kaya was saying something to the audience, suddenly Kamijo came up to him and hugged him, Kaya squealed happily and hugged him back then said "Chotto yaoi mitai" lol then he giggled again. Then Juka came up behind him and embraced him from behind…wow it was the most romantic pose ever…it looked like prince charming and the Princess (in boys high school uniform).. ^_^; then he lifted Kaya off the ground, then I definitely saw the height difference between Juka and Kaya…in Juka's arms Kaya looked like a little kid. ^__^... [Lire la suite]
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31 janvier 2008

Aaaaaw >w<

"Anyway, one by one all performers appeared on stage together and now seeing them one next to each other, especially my favourite Juka, Kaya and Hizaki I really saw height difference! XD Juka looked the most regal and sexy then anybody else on stage. Hizaki looked like the cutest thing ever! ( but Hizaki was really short compared to Juka…maybe reached to Juka's shoulder height. Hizaki and Kaya were same height and were the shortest musicians on stage! Wow Juka kept staring at Kaya, who being himself ( cute giggling and striking... [Lire la suite]
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31 janvier 2008

OMG *faints*

"I couldn't understand many things that he said but everyone laughed anyway, he said something , that if he does something right now ( I don't know what) that he might get arrested so he wont do it… I don't know what it was ( I couldn't understand) but judging by his hand movements it had to do something with stripping. O.O" Câlice O_O
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31 janvier 2008

.................. *nosebleed*

"After, the song they had another chat…Kaya seemed really anxious to take off his clothes, he kept caressing his body and pulling up the white shirt so the audience can see his beautiful abs… *__* and also he had as he called " sexy mark" the top part of his underwear was sticking out about the jeans and he kept showing it to the audience…" Vous imaginez pas la tronche que j'dois avoir en ce moment o_o........................................................J'vais pleurer u_u XDDD
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31 janvier 2008

Mwarf XD

"Hizaki came up to the drums player Mikage and the Mikage used drum stick to lift edge of Hizaki's skirt …XD Kaya looked at them and giggled…then continued :"Me and Hizaki are 16 year old today! ( he hugged Hizaki and they stroke another pose * so cute!* ) but for today I am Kaya-kun! "" I'm now seriously wondering why am I not Japanese ? ^^'''''This isn't fair u_u.... T___T
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31 janvier 2008


"Suddenly, a guy wearing a High school uniform ( blue with red tie and white shirt) came out, his hair is a bit above shoulder length and kind of messy, followed by Hizaki who was wearing a school girl outfit and pigtails skipping behind the first guy. At the moment everyone screamed " KAWAII!!" and Hizaki and the first guy stroke a pose together. *__* Then when the band came out on stage the guy with brown hair picked up microphone and said in a really familiar voice " Hizaki Grace Project no Kaya desu" I was... [Lire la suite]
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31 janvier 2008

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh 8DDDDDDDDDDD

Trucy vient de trouver de nouvelles vieilles photos de Kaya !!!! Trucy est de bonne humeur 8DDDDD !!!  hum non.... Si je dis ce qui va suivre, Mad sera contente 8D, elle arrête pas de vouloir me faire dire des obscénités : Trucy a une très, très grosse érection >w< !!!
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31 janvier 2008

Ah my god XDDD

Sinon.... j'ai trouvé des photos de SiSeN avec Oli pis d'autre avec RoXas (AKA BonBon AKA Thomas....).... mais j'les montre pas ici... J'sais qu'il aime pas ça qu'on spread his life all over the internet.... =o... But I still may show you... My name ain't Kayako ! J'vous demanderais juste de pas les poster partout, bande de yaoi freak è_é !Parce que bon...
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